New Fitness Equipment



Diamondback is one of the most popular fitness trainers in the business due to their performance – delivering a high-intensity cardiovascular workout in a low-impact format that serves as an alternative to walking and running.

Ellipticals offer a full-body workout and burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time. Diamondback’s exclusive designs are famous for their natural leg-stride and push/pull arm action that sculpt, strengthen and tone the entire body.



The 2014 Diamondback Fitness Indoor Cycles are designed for indoor studio cycling enthusiasts and cyclists looking for a bad weather alternative to outdoor road rides.

Nobody but Diamondback, a company with decades of true cycling heritage, would build a heavy-duty professional grade machine with such technology as pre-programmed riding courses, automatic resistance changes, real-time feedback, wireless heart rate controlled resistance.



Diamondback Fitness’ recumbent models put you in a relaxed position for low-impact workouts that generate great results, especially in the glutes and the thighs. Ample support provided by a full-size mesh seat back, ensures comfort and delivers therapeutic advantages for sufferers of chronic pain, joint injuries, chronic arthritis, stress fractures and pregnancy.



Row, row, row, your workout. Designed to provide an authentic on-the-water feel, Diamondback rowers are the preferred choice for both novice and experience rowers. By incorporating both air-resistance and magnetic resistance, the experience is a smooth and infinitely-adjustable for every user.



Diamondback Fitness gives one and all a fresh start on fitness with its value-oriented upright bicycles – a great choice for those with dreams of a low-impact, unrestricted aerobic workout.

Times are tight. When space and funds are limited your fitness doesn’t have to suffer. Diamondback uprights take up limited space in in your home and have adjustable features from top to bottom to ensure all body types can pursue their fitness goals in comfort.