The newest model for “2014” is not compatible with the new charging dock from Apple. The 910 Series console for the 910Sr Recumbent, 910Ub Upright, 910Ef Front Drive Elliptical, and 910Er Rear Drive Elliptical, all have the ability to hold the iPad, but will not “dock” it.

You will need to add approximately 10 inches to your height to give you the total height needed. Please keep in mind, that you are never standing completely straight as you are pedaling, much like a bike, so one foot is lower than the other at all times, unless you stop and stand when the pedals are parrallel.

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You can purchase Diamondback Fitness products directly from this website, by calling 800-776-7642 or from your local dealer. Click on the “STORE LOCATOR” button on the bottom right hand corner of the website to find your local dealer.

The specs for the AC Adapter are: 120V 60HZ input, and 9VDC 1Amp output. On the male end of the adaptor which plugs into the machine, the external shield of the prong is ground (negative) and the internal receptacle is hot (positive). Plugging the wrong power supply into your machine WILL damage the electronics and will cost several hundred dollars to repair. The OD for the plug is 5.5mm.’

These are available at a Radio Shack or similar.

You need to purchase a short connector cord from a local electronics store like Radio Shack that can connect the output port on your device with the input port on the top of the console.

Yes, your Diamondback Fitness Elliptical can be pedaled backwards and the console will pick up your workout information!

The “Max Heart Rate” is used to determine your optimum heart rate for different types of exercise. It is calculated by taking 220 minus your age, and typically you should be working out somewhere between 60 – 80% of your Max Heart Rate. So for example, if you are 30 years old, your Max Heart Rate would be (220-30) = 190 beats/minute, and when working out you would want to keep your heart rate between 114 – 152 beats/minute

Diamondback uses a calorie calculation recommended by the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) to estimate the rate at which you are burning calories during a workout. It is based on the body weight you enter into the machine and the amount of power generated by the machine when you pedal. We can estimate this power by knowing the pedal speed and resistance level (and on some machines, the incline level) you are using. The calculation may be a bit more conservative than that of some competitors, but it also tends to be more accurate.

Since the calculation takes body weight into consideration, remember to enter your body weight into the machine at the beginning of the workout to get an accurate calorie estimate, otherwise it will assume a default weight of 155 lbs.

It is recommended that you lubricate the treadmill belt every six months. Your treadmill also may occasionally require a belt tension adjustment. Refer to the “Maintenance” section of your treadmill manual for details. Treadmill lubrication kits can be purchased through your Diamondback Fitness authorized dealer.

Often, until you work up a sweat, chest straps will not be able to pick up any heart rate readings. Moisten the pickup strips on the back of the strap with water before wearing the strap to get readings right away.

The grip sensors depend on the moisture in your skin to conduct the heart rate signal, so dry hands can prevent good readings. Your hands must be making good surface contact with the metal sensors to obtain a reading. Make sure your hands are a bit moist, and grip the sensor so that your palm is making solid contact with the sensor.

Wear items are rubber and foam grips, pedal straps, and foam footpad inserts.

The electromagnetic generator brake used on some of Diamondback’s premium models is literally an electric generator. As you pedal, the brake generates the electricity required to power the electronic console. So no power cords or batteries are needed- you are creating the power with your exercise. And unlike other braking systems, a generator brake has no mechanical parts that move when you change resistance levels, meaning instant change in resistance during your workout as well as better long-term durability of the brake system.

Because of the amount of power required to move the adjustable incline ramp on the 1260Ef, it is unable to generate its own power and must use wall socket power. The electromagnetic brake used on the 1260Ef elliptical offers all the same benefits as a generator brake (smooth operation, instant resistance change, high reliability) but does not power the elliptical.

“Ef” denotes a front drive elliptical and “Er” denotes rear drive. Front or rear drive refers to which end of the machine contains the main components (brake, linkage, pedals) that drive the movement. Which type you choose to buy is mainly a matter of personal preference and we recommend you try each type to determine which is a better fit for you. In general, Diamondback’s rear-drive ellipticals have a flatter motion path, similar to a jogging simulation, whereas the front drive ellipticals use a more inclined pedal path that is closer to an uphill exercise.

There are two noises that are normal “break-in” sounds for a new treadmill: belt seam noise and motor brush noise. All treadmill belts have a seam where the belt is connected together to form a continuous running surface. When the belt is new, the seam can produce a cyclic “thump” sound each time it contacts one of the end rollers. Also, the motors used in most treadmills have brushes that make a clicking sound as they wear in. Both noises are normal and will go away as the treadmill is used and “breaks-in”.

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